Pakistan Visa (Online Application Form)

Frequently Asked Questions

How will using this service benefit me?

This service will let you complete a form or multiple Pakistan Visit Visa forms for your family quickly and easily. Repeated information blocks are reused so that all you have to do is check the fields and make small corrections for the next person.

How long does it take?

Using a downloaded form and completing manually, the Pakistan Visa Form can usually be filled in, in about 30minutes. However, it also takes the same amount of time for each subsequent form for your family members.


Using our online system, you can reduce the time to just a few minutes for each subsequent form.

How much does it cost?

Our service is provided free and we make money from advertisers who promote their products and services on this website.

Why was this service developed and why is it free?

We had approached the Pakistan High Commission on several occasions to put forward a strategy to automate this process. However absolutely no one showed any interest in moving this forward. So we’ve taken the bull y the horns!


Our aim was to completely automate the process so that travellers could be issued with an e-visa against their passport number. You can already get an online visa for India, USA and Turkey - so why not Pakistan? Producing this site is therefore the first step in the process to provide Pakistani Visa’s online.


In theory, we can take your details, take payment and send you (by return email), confirmation of your e-visa in a matter of minutes, but we cannot do this until the Pakistani High Commision engages in formal talks with us. We hope that after using this site you will add your voice to get Pakistan to move with the times.

Do I still need to go to the Pakistani High Commission (or Gerry’s Visa Offices)?

Yes, unfortunately, you will still have to do that. At the moment, and until the Pakistani High Commission realises that people want a simpler online system, all we can do is help you to complete the nasty form that they require. (What possible reason do they need to know my blood type?!)

What do I need to do after I complete the application form?

Please print it directly from the application and use the printed form as part of your paperwork submission. Please note that they may not accept your printed photo although we see no reason why they shouldn’t. You should, for now also carry a photo booth picture as well for each traveller.




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